Hi! My name is Britny Arnett.

I'm an illustrator and storyteller living in Kansas. I love horses, reading, running, movies, and hot chocolate. I have a goal of someday being 'head of story' for an animated film. I plan to get there by studying film, storyboarding, and screenwriting while working on both personal and collaborative story projects.

I haven't always had this goal. I actually went to college for biochemistry. After failing Calculus 2, I reconsidered. I hopped majors for a couple of years. Meanwhile, I never stopped drawing or being obsessed with stories and films. It wasn't until after I graduated college with a graphic design degree that I discovered I could actually make a living out of telling stories.

Thanks to Oatley Academy, I am now charging toward a dream that I'd always had, but didn't believe was possible.

Thanks for checking out my site and my stories! Please feel free to find me on facebook or twitter!