Cinema Studies: Vertigo

I did not like this movie.

And it's probably my own fault. This was a film in which reading the script before watching was probably a bad idea.

I was waiting for things to happen and it took forever... I had also anticipated a lot of the famed dolly zoom shots... but that is not what happened. Most of the film was slow, quiet, and had two people talking to each other. It didn't really feel suspenseful...maybe that's because I knew the ending.

I was also not a fan of the borderline abuse in the story. There wasn't really a 'good guy'. No one to root for or someone I wanted to win in the end. I didn't like the main character. That bothers me.

All that aside though, there are some amazing shots.

Since I didn't quite like this, I've thought about what I would do to make the story different. What could I do to pick up the pace and keep the audience entertained?

What if I slipped glimpses of the murderer into the background? What if there were more activities with more movement? Why would Hitchcock have so many static shots? Maybe he feels obsession rises in the still shots? Maybe that's something he was going for. How could that be enhanced or made better?

I really don't know how to answer these questions. I'm still very new to this and Hitchcock has a whole legacy of genius. I have so much to learn.

The next Cinema Study will be over Hitchcock's Rear Window, and I'm going to switch it up this time. I won't read the script beforehand. So I'll be going in blind. Maybe that will help me pay attention to the suspense.