Cinema Studies: To Catch a Thief

This film has it all. Colorful costumes, amazing compositions, car chases, romance, intrigue, and suspense!

But, after watching three Hitchcock films earlier this month, this one felt a little formulaic. The tempo and the slow build up of tension was similar to that of Vertigo and Rear Window. I felt like I knew the ending from piecing together little nuances in the beginning. Of course, this is the kind of film where you suspect everyone and a million scenarios run through your mind.

I love the compositions though. Seriously.

Check this out:

This is amazing. I hope, one day, I will do something this captivating. I'm still drooling over how amazing this is.



That was one of my favorite moments of the film! It's a great cut! I think I even laughed out loud. I was convinced for awhile that this dude was the Cat. But he wasn't. That would have been too easy. I think he was a bit of a Macguffin to throw people off the real thief suspect.

I think I've learned, as I wrap up Hitchcock month, that suspense isn't always shock and awe. It's a slow build up of emotions and tension. Hitchcock always does something different or unexpected in his films. Like the humorous yet unsettling cut above, there is always something captivating or different. Yet slow.

Pure genius, really. Thanks Hitchcock. This month was fun!